About the Beyond Five website

The Beyond Five website and educational content was painstakingly developed over 24 months with the input of surgeons, specialist nurses, speech pathologists, dieticians, patients and carers.
Given the complexity of head and neck cancer, one feature of the site which we believe will help patients enormously is the 3D animations for each type of head and neck cancer that guide people through the location of the cancer, how it affects a person and what treatment is available.
The information on the website also reflects the cancer care journey from diagnosis, through treatment to life after cancer. This will ensure that patients, and carers, can easily find the information they’re after at the right time and place.

Help build our resources
Since launching the Beyond Five website we have been pleased to receive several requests to include videos, brochures and other material developed by head and neck units around Australia. If you would like to discuss adding a resource to the website please email us at contact@beyondfive.com.au.