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Have you recently had a cancer diagnosis or do you know someone who would like more information about head and neck cancer?

Beyond Five has more than 60 information sheets covering each type of head and neck cancer, different surgical procedures, planning radiation therapy to side effects of treatment. See the full list below and visit our Resources page to download or read online.


Types of Head and Neck Cancer Surgical procedures
Hypopharyngeal Cancer Craniofacial resection
Laryngeal Cancer Dental extraction
Nasal and Sinus Cancer Endoscopic sinus surgery
Nasopharyngeal Cancer Glossectomy
Oral Cancer Hypopharyngectomy
Oropharyngeal Cancer Lateral Temporal Bone Surgery
Salivary Gland Cancer Local Excision
Skin Cancer Lymph Node and Sentinel Node Biopsy
Thyroid Cancer Mandibular Lingual Release
Unknown Primary Cancer Mandibulectomy
What is head and neck cancer Mandibulotomy
  Maxillary Swing Approach
Health and wellbeing Maxillectomy
Caregivers, family and friends Neck Dissection
Diet and Nutrition Orbital Exenteration
Exercise Oropharyngectomy
Feeding Tubes Parotidectomy
Financial Partial Laryngectomy
Follow-up Care Pharyngo-Oesophagectomy
Human Papilloma Virus Radical Parotidectomy – facial nerve sacrifice
Imaging Reconstructive Surgery – Bony free flap
Lymphodeama Reconstructive Surgery – regional flap
Mask fitting Reconstructive Surgery – Soft tissue free flap
Oral health Simple Reconstruction – Local and Skin Graft Repair
Pain management Sistrunk
Radiation therapy – planning your treatment Sublingual Gland Surgery
Speech, voice and swallowing Submandibular Gland Surgery
Wellbeing Thyroidectomy
Wound care Tonsillectomy
  Total Laryngectomy
  Total Laryngopharyngectomy
  Trans-Oral Laser Surgery
  Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery