Treatment options

Following a diagnosis of hypopharyngeal cancer, your cancer care team will discuss the treatment options including the possibility of participating in a clinical trial that is suitable for you. This is also a good time to consider if you would like a second opinion.

The most suitable treatment of hypopharyngeal cancer depends on many things including:
  • size and location of the cancer

  • whether the cancer has spread

  • personal factors  (e.g. age, general health and treatment history)

  • types of treatment available (and whether any clinical trials are available) 

  • ​your preferences for treatment. 

There are two treatment options for hypopharyngeal cancer: 

  • Radiation therapy (without surgery): which is usually given with chemotherapy (called chemoradiation)

  • Surgery: there are a number of operations that can be used to remove hypopharyngeal cancer. Some people with large or advanced hypopharyngeal cancer may require radiation therapy following surgery.