Treatment options

The most appropriate treatment of skin cancer depends on many factors.
These include:

  • type, size and location of the cancer and whether it has spread

  • personal factors (e.g. age, general health and treatment history)

  • types of treatment available  

  • your preferences for treatment. 

Most common skin cancers (e.g. non melanoma skin cancer) will be treated by a local excision only. Skin cancers become invasive when they breakthrough the bottom layer of the skin (dermis) and invade into the deeper tissues. Ideally, skin cancers are treated when still within the skin - “in situ cancer”. Treatment of in situ skin cancer can be with surgery (including excision or curettage also called scooping), radiation therapy or other treatments including liquid nitrogen therapy (freezing), cautery (using heat) or topical medications (e.g. creams or ointments).