Resources to support Multicultural communities

Multicultural communities

The Cancer Institute of NSW website has a variety of resources available to help people understand what happens if they have cancer. While some information is only available in English, the following resources have been translated to support people with cancer from culturally and linguistically diverse communities. 

Cancer Patient Information Sheets - translated into over 10 languages 

  • Understanding chemotherapy
  • Common questions about chemotherapy
  • Diarrohoea during cancer treatment
  • Chemotherapy safety at home
  • Infection during cancer treatment
  • Nausea and vomiting during cancer treatment
  • Skin changes and skin care during radiotherapy
  • Mouth problems during cancer treatment

To see the complete list visit: Cancer Institute NSW: Patient Information in Other Languages.

Improve your cancer care - T.I.P.S.
T.I.P.S. stands for Team, Involvement, Plan, Support and was designed to help patients have a conversation with their doctor when they are diagnosed with cancer. T.I.P.S. is available in four languages and in various formats including videos and audio files.